Size Guide

Determining your size

Finding your perfect size is critical for applying your nails. Please refer to this Sizing Guide below to understand how to measure your nails. You could also purchase one of our Sizing Kits to ensure the perfect fit.

**refunds/exchanges will not be accepted even if you ordered the wrong size!!**

How to measure your nails

Before measuring your nails, make sure you do not have any acrylics or other nails on already. 

Using a measuring tape:

With your measuring tape, hold it horizontally across the widest part of your nail. Allow it to bend with your natural nail to get the true measurement. Measure in millimeters! Write down the measurements of each fingers, on BOTH hands.

Using a straight ruler:

Take a piece of tape and place it over your nail. Lay it down horizontally! With a marker, place a dot/line on each side of the widest part of your nail. Then, remove the tape and lay it on a cleared, flat surface. With the ruler, measure the space between the two dots/lines in millimeters! Do this for all of your nails. 

Instead of laying the tape on a flat surface, you can also lay it straight on the ruler and measure it from there. Whatever works for you!

Below are the pre-made sizes and the different finger sizes corresponding with them: 

Extra Small:   3-6-5-7-9

Small:   2-5-4-6-9

Medium:   1-5-4-6-8

Large:   0-4-3-5-7


0 18mm
1  16mm
2 15mm
3 14mm
4 13mm
5 12mm
6 11mm
7 10mm
8 9mm
9 8mm


If none of our pre made sizes do not fit your hands, please feel free to order your nails in a "custom size". Be sure to list your sizes (from thumb to pinky) in the notes section at checkout.